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  1. The true story of Adam

    A good story starts by a good promise that put a little smile on the lip of the reader impatient to discover not the end, but what is coming on…
    I’ll start by apologies as my English is quite “travaillé”, but I hope you’ll understand that I want to share..
    You “as me” who have in your heritage, the religions of the book as, Christianly, Judaism, and Islam have read or heard that when the world was created “I won’t discuss about the fall/fault of the couple of inhabitants at this period” the Almighty took father Adam and ask him to name everything that live and exist on earth as he was to be the ruler.
    Of course, water has gone since this time and no-one recall which language Adam used when he was naming things, places and animals as his Creator asked him, has he used the language of angels or signs as he was very young in his humanity (prehistoric man, eh)…Many attempts to discover this language of Adam have produced remarkables theories as the Babel tower. Languages are a marvelous gift; I am not convinced we have again sinned to obtain them.
    Whatever for me religions contain many knowledge about man and his history and all religions gathered may conduct to THE UNKNOWN (if one not become silly by trying to study them all, exception for the Saints). I am a fan of the Persian poet Jalal Al Din Rumi who says that truth is like the mirror spilled, and each piece contains a parcel. The problem nowadays is that everyone wants to be the sole detainer of the mirror.
    Life is not easy, material things to do but more difficult is questions I was turning in my head, is there a language of angel as we (Africans, yes we are so funny and useless!) say babies understand, or Adam have been teached all languages as he has been teached all professions (boys go back to your books): very doubtful theory in a mind that enjoys so much laziness!
    I have never dreamt there was an answer, I even did not get upset about it, come on I have a life to life, and after all this is a God’s matter…if he decide he want us to know he will find way and means for us OK!!!
    Then I heard about Cheikh Anta Diop and read about his research…Africain man was first man created and has emigrated everywhere…so there was an Adam
    – first discovery (after all, who says that the Books were not just symbolic, I was to say sometimes before first step). African man has settled civilization everywhere: bringing agriculture, arts, religion, techniques, philosophy – admit with me that our boys singing rap have the right to do so, we have worked so hard, in the past, by creating and settling everything: let them enjoy music and good time now, yeah!
    -Second discovery Pathe Diagne’s method called ramakushi: with ramakushi you put the finger on that language that father Adam speaks and how every name of place, thing, ceremony, arts, music etc derivated from this holly language( a bantou language, that is still hugely spoken in black African).

    To be continued…
    For more informations pls check book’s authors
    • Cheikh Anta Diop Antériorité des civilisations négres : mythe ou vérité historique ?, Paris, Présence Africaine, 1967

    • Pathé Diagne : La révolution Ramakushi ou l’archéologie linguistique et culturelle de la préhistoire spirituelle et intellectuelle de l’humanité

  2. This a friends reply to this article

    My friend Jim Muwanga,

    As for the black people of the Philippines, I have actually been to
    see them. I have written about this before. They mainly live in the
    central islands called Iloilo. Unfortunately, they live in extreme
    poverty and suffer from racist discrimination and are largely
    illiterate, those who move to the cities live in terrible slums and
    often just beg as a way of living.

    Their physical growth is very stunted, a majority just tend to be
    about 5 feet tall. When I went to their village, they were so shocked
    to see a black man just like them t who was so much taller than them
    and taller than most Filipinos.I took some pictures with them where I
    am more than one foot taller than them And they were so shocked that I
    went to their village accompanied by a malay-chinese girlfriend,
    something that just does not happen in their experience, because they
    are so much discriminated against that there is hardly any
    inter-racial marriage between the Malay/Chinese and the black

    But there are aslo a lot of tribal groups in the Philippines, often
    called lumads, most of whom live in the 18th century and are often
    abused by landlords and the government army. These tribal minorities
    form the critical mass base for the communist insurgency that has
    been raging in the country since the second world war.

  3. Iam reading your thoughts for the first time, you seem to have a alots of knowledge on Black History, what is your backfground meaning where or you from? I AM not being personal I am also reasearching the background of the Africans, from all over the world, their is so much knowledge that at times it its quiet over whelming reason for that, is i find the history so rich,
    powerfully, colorfully, rainbows, I find this history is often hidden from so many of us, we don’t know who we are and esp, here in America we seem so brain dead, The word Brainwashing is so damn powerffully corrupt, and it is a master plan of Evil, well i shouldn’t elborate any more, please if you can send a list of books on African HISTORY SUBJECTS

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