Old Documentary Movie on the Lion of Judah

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This is a link to a documentary on the the lion of judah, Emperor Haile Selassie:

The video quality is poor, but watching it is still a very enriching experience!

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5 thoughts on “Old Documentary Movie on the Lion of Judah”

  1. I like that movie for real. I’m a Rasta, I’m Ethiopian Sudaness Rastafari. I trust the King of Kings. This is my king and King of all. His name is forever. and the Reggae Music is forever,JAH Rastafari, One Love,One World One Africa One Black man, I want to bay that Movie, please Send me a webside that I can Ordor the movie from. Name of the movie( Lion of Judah) Ethiopia

  2. The lion of judah,this documentry is so powerful an mistick i have to watch it over an over because these history are the twentieth centry history of our LORD GOD of host EMPOROR HAILE SELASSIE I the first , we poeple of the world especialy black poeple must konw of these history because when u look at world today these people are realy lost an cannot be found there mind have been taking away by the fales rulers an the imposters an the antikrise ,lost in the vanity an ilusions but life history will take a turn soon so dont wait till that time before you seek rightousness are uprightness HAIL KING SELASSIE I

  3. there is actually a 3-4hr version of this also around… plus you can find lots of old footage of His Imperial Majesty in various archives, from around 1950 onwards there is lots of film of him.

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