Bitter Leaf: Anti-Cancer, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-HIV

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Nigerian Doctor Patents Anti-Cancer, Anti-Diabetic Anti-HIV formula from Bitter Leaf

Nigerian born Professor of Biology, Ernest Izevbigie, has patented a formula made from bitter leaf (vernonia amygdalina). This formula is a proven anti-diabetic and anti-cancer formula in laboratory and clinical trials. This formula product can also benefit HIV/AIDS patients. See U.S. Patent 6,713,098 in 2004 and the second 6,848,604 in 2005.

“We found that in using the plant material (from vernonia amygdalina), some compounds from the extracts were able to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells,” said the professor. “Later through collaborative research, we found they were also effective in other tumor cells,” he added.

Dr. Izevbigie explained that evidence from cell culture and animal studies research and reports from individuals reveal that bitter leaf formula supplement may abate or improve the health conditions or symptoms of AIDS patients including abrosia (wasting away), nausea and vomiting, compromised immune systems etc. Bitter leaf supplement-induced stimulation of the immune system offers hope to many suffering with AIDS rlated diseases.

The professor further explained that available data shows that bitter leaf extracts may be effective against herpes virus, and against Kaposi sarcomas (KS), a tumour caused by Human herpes virus 8 (HHV8).

Bitter leaf is an herbal shrub which grows widely in Nigeria. It is used extensively in food and medicinal preparations.

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