Lucifer the Bearer of Light: Part I – Anonymous

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(Editor’s Note: Rasta Livewire presents all sides…let your conscience judge)

Lucifer is the bringer of light to the world. You have been duped.

My fellow children of men,

I feel a need to try to clarify some obfuscations to which you have been subjected for almost 2000 years. I am no greater than you, but I have thought long and deep about this, as well as studied what I believe to be the Truth.

The commonly held concepts of good and evil have been deliberately muddled by the Niceans in order to more easily rule you, the masses.


What does ‘Lucifer’ mean? Bringer of light, morning star…

Haven’t you been taught that light is good and dark is evil?

This, my fellows is the first hook of “cognitive dissonance” that keeps your mind humbled and malleable.

Why would the Niceans tell you that the bringer of light is evil? That’s backwards!

Please avoid quoting the bible in this thread… it was written by the Niceans. Right? Okay.

The entire issue is muddled so you find it extremely difficult to discuss with a cool head.

“The morning star” is a concept that goes back all the way to Atlantis, long long before any of the “bible” was written.

To become a “bringer of light” and “morning star” was the goal of Thoth. His only purpose in life and eternity was to seek wisdom and bring that wisdom to the children of men.

This “religion” was the most simple and perfect pursuit because it is the only true pursuit. All other pursuits lead to darkness.

The Niceans do not want you to discover this pursuit because it would free you from their control.

It is they who are the Brotherhood of Darkness. It is they who are the evil ones. They have spent 2000 years telling you that light is dark and dark is light.

Just READ the stated goals of the Jesuits… ‘If my master says that white is black and black is white, then that is how things are.’

The ‘bringer of light’ and the ‘morning star’ is who we are inside. We must ALWAYS look toward the light. We must always seek wisdom. Else, we have no other place to go but darkness.

It is the practicers of the Black Arts who enslave you. It is the Brotherhood of Darkness who have taken the simple truths and twisted them into evil.

It is all the same power. Light and dark are the same. They must always exist in balance. But, the children of men must always look toward the light if they are to become one with the light.

Can you not see how you have been lied to?

You may read that the “Freemasons” are worshipers of Lucifer. THIS IS TRUE!

This is because the powers available to those who read the truth can be used for light and dark.

The dark powers available to those who have reached high into the light are TERRIBLE INDEED.

It is much like the Star Wars concept of light side and dark side of the force. In fact, I strongly suspect that George Lucas has read the writings of Thoth and wrote this into his story.

You MUST AWAKEN. You simply MUST.

By reading what Thoth has left us, you can know and understand that it is the same POWER that drives both light and dark.

Learn it and use it for good. Use it to drive the darkness from the earth.

Use it so that God may fill you will the power of 1000 suns, that you may become a beacon of light for those in the darkness.

The Dark Brotherhood have stolen the ancient wisdom and used their manipulation to scare you away from it.

What they say is the dark is actually the LIGHT. What they say is light is actually the dark.

Do not be fooled, for we are too long upon this planet to be in such a state. We are squandering our time here and we’ll all be TURNED INTO NEWTS!!!!

Do you want to be a NEWT?!

If you cannot shake your mind free of the muddling, you will never see the light.

The light is NOT what is written in the “bible.”

The light is inside your heart and in the sky.

Look to the sun to remind you of the light in all things.

Some claim that Lucifer is the Sun. The Sun brings light to the Earth.

The Bible says Jesus is also the Bright Morning Star.

There quotes about Lucifer being the Morning Star in one section and Jesus being the Morning Star in other verses.

Lucifer = morning star = Jesus.

My point is that everybody can be a bringer of light. Jesus is just an allegory. Everybody, who follows the path that he did, can become one with God.

Don’t get nailed to a cross, though. That looks like it would hurt.

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6 thoughts on “Lucifer the Bearer of Light: Part I – Anonymous”

  1. You are on point! I read a book called the flower of life and it spoke about the story of Thoth and how he was reconstructing the energy field that was destroyed that prevented us from reaching enlightment. Now that the earth is closer in its procession to light (sirius) around the solar system we are actually in the age of awakening or enlightment. The closer we get the more people will wake up. The further we get away will be the sleeping period of our consciousness.
    I’ve always questioned the concept of lucifer and satan. Most of what I read outside of the modern day bible which is full of manipulation by the council of nicea points to many errors which is understandable because it was conquerors who stole this knowledge from much older civilizations and changed names and concepts to fit their culture.

  2. Lucifer is the bearer of light but not the light itself.
    There are two morning stars which is also two of the trinity.
    The symbol of lucifer is the Moon and is the evil one.
    The symbol of the Word is the Sun.
    Moon=Female. Sun= Male, the Father is the source of the light.
    The sun represents two the Father and the only begotten one.
    The Sun is the source of Light but not the light itself.


    1. You luciferian creeps. Freemasonry is so wonderful? They are the cornerstone of western civilization? From the founding fathers forward, masonic weasels have been manipulating history from the shadows, running a back-room mafia.

      Look what a mess the world is in because of you idiots.

      Enslaving the populace with your laws, taxes, and regulations.

      Waving your Holly-wood stick to put the sheep under your spell. Glorifying professional sports like it actually MEANS something and is some sort of wonderful thing for us to behold and become a part of.

      Creating false flag events and manufacturing boogeymen to scare people into believing that they need Big Brother to protect them from all the nasty stuff in the world.

      Fear of reprisal from your goon squads of over-paid mind controlled meat puppets when we don’t conform and bow to your shit.

      You are disgusting and pathetic. To HELL with you all.

      I will die a free man standing before I live on my knees as a slave to you swine.

      1. This article is correct! The evil character in the bible is who the mindless masses call GOD!
        Lets look at this a little……………this god twat is veangeful, wrathful, spiteful, judgemental, controlling, muderous and an all together unpleasant being. Would you want to invite him to a dinner party??? Would a higher being of light have any of these negative traits? NO he would not!

        Now on to the good guy, Lucifer the bearer of light, the guy who said in the garden of Eden to go ahead and experience things as that is what this human experience is all about. They were not talking about going out and killing people, just eating a bit of fruit. We are here to eat from the tree of knowledge…….and become as they are. This messes up Jehovahs plan of controlling the masses but hey its time for this tyrant to step down and to allow love and unity to prevail!
        I do not believe in the bible but for the people who do……read and think about what you are reading before believing it all blindly. Allow a little logic and thought process to enter the darkness of your primate minds.
        The truth shall set us free

  3. Only when you can truly look from within and dive head first into the darkness can you truly begin your path to The Light. For to be able to shine you must first know madness and darkness , only then will you be able to truly be able to appreciate The Light.

    His time is upon us, The Bearer of Light, Truth and Knowkedge is almost here! Get ready it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

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