Moorish Kings of Europe: King Charles Stuart II – The Black Boy King of England 1630 – 1685 – by – Oguejiofo Annu

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Charles Stuart II the black boy
Merry King Charles Stuart II: The Black King of England – Oguejiofo Annu

The word Stuart comes from the old nordish root Svart which means black. Stuart is the same word as Swarthy, which means black in old English. [Others claim its root origin is Steward]. However that might be, this is not the crux of the story here. Our story is about the suppressed history of the Black and Brown Europeans including several kings that had once called Europe their original home.

There was once a Stuart line of Kings in England. The name of the founding ancestor was Stuart.

In this post, we feature the original painting of one of the Stuart Kings of England and Scotland, King Charles II, also lovingly known as the “black boy” of England by his subjects.

He is commemorated in the celebrated name of the Black Boy Inn, found all over the British Isle.

Like his ancestors before him, King Charles II was a black man. Many of his surviving paintings falsely depict him as a so-called white man in clear contradiction to the famous description of the jolly King.

However, in the picture posted immediately below, one can see one of the contemporary paintings of King Charles Stuart II, Merry Black Boy of England. This picture invites all to decide why King Charles Stuart II, would have been called the black boy.

Charles Stuart II the black boy

King Charles Stuart II 1630 – 1685

The eldest surviving son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France, daughter of Henry IV of France, the future Charles II was born on 29th May, 1630, at St. James Palace, London, the second child of the marriage, he replaced an elder brother, Charles James, who had died shortly after birth.

It was said that when Charles was born in 1630 he was nicknamed the Black Boy by his mother, Queen Henrietta Maria, because of his dark and swarthy appearance

In 1646, following political crisis, his father Charles I was overthrown by Oliver Cromwell and beheaded. Charles II had to flee for his life through Scotland and on to France after making a weak and symbolic attempt at regaining the Stuart title. Fate and reality had soon dawned on him. He settled into a life of penury in France.

Upon the death of Oliver Cromwell, Charles was recalled back to England by Cromwell’s legatee and son who had no interest in ruling England. Charles was restored back to the throne and his coronation took place at the traditional venue of Westminster Abbey on 23rd April, 1661.

The Merry Monarch as he was later to become known, is famous for his many mistresses. Although he had numerous children by his mistresses, the Queen, to her great sadness, remained barren.

Charles popularity with the people was solid. Despite the ravages of last great outbreak of the Bubonic Plague struck London in 1665, which claimed thousands of lives; and the great fire of London 1666 which completely destroyed the city, he was highly favoured by the people.

He died without an official heir on 6 February, 1685 after a brief illness and was succeeded by his brother, King James II. He was the most beloved of all the Kings in the line of the Stuarts.

Black King of England

According to the annals of the english monarch:

Charles’ appearance was anything but English, with his sensuous curling mouth, dark complexion, black hair and dark brown eyes, he much resembled his Italian maternal grandmother, Marie de Medici’s side of the family. During his escape after the Battle of Worcester, he was referred to as ‘a tall, black man’ in parliamentary wanted posters.

One of the nick-names he acquired was the black boy His height, at six feet two inches, probably inherited from his Danish paternal grandmother, Anne of Denmark, also set him apart from his contemporaries in a time when the average Englishman was far smaller than today.

English Pubs

All English pubs named the Black boy are named after Charles II due to the swarthy and dark colour of his complexion.

Modern European painters try to hide the racial identity of this jolly King by depicting such fantasy as is posted below:

Whitened King Charles
Whitened King Charles

July 28, 2009
Black Boy Inn


annal of englishmonarchs

Egmond Codfried

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266 thoughts on “Moorish Kings of Europe: King Charles Stuart II – The Black Boy King of England 1630 – 1685 – by – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. (1) There’s none more righteous than the newly converted.
    (2) Anyone using Wikipedia as a source is a Wikipedia scholar-and that is not a compliment.
    (3) It is laughable that anyone would believe that Jesus ever existed-so arguing about his race is ludicrous.
    (4) There is only one so called race, and that is the so called black race; All so called races are mutations of the so called black race.
    (5) SOME, Caucasian, so called scholars throughout history have and continue to whitewash the so called black race from being the originators of civilization. Caucasians were not the vanguard of civilization.
    (6) Hebrews did not rule Africa(Alkebulan). The so called black race were/are Hebrews, Moors, and too many to list other things throughout history-and obviously continuing to this date and beyond. It is beyond ridiculous to say that so called black people in America and the Americas are only Hebrews or Moors. Yes, some are Hebrews, some are Moors, and as was stated before -others came before Columbus as explorers and of course others were brought as enslaved people, not slaves -there’s a big difference. There is no group of so called black people that is superior to the other.
    (7) There is not such thing as Black or White history. There is only the truth.

    1. Well said by Truthspeaker, thank you for that information, I really needed to read that, and thank you again.

    2. Is there a book or reference material which explains the presence and fall of the black Kings of Europe? This explains the history of racism directed at blacks for centuries taught by elders to generation to generation.

    3. Well said, I do believe the black race are earth’s Indigenous people of earth. The white people came from another galaxy. The bible backs this up with bright lights in the sky and winged people descending on light beams, also rising from the dead, and don’t forget virgin births. Water in to wine. The Bible points to heaven and religion always looks skywards. Why? ?

      1. White people came from another galaxy? No they didn’t, white’s were created(cloned) on earth by the Egyptians 6000 years ago and they were called Tamahu. Google it

    4. So very informative , they should really have the options to learn these facts in school, it’s so difficult to find trusted sources that aren’t biased ! Love it

    5. You are right about there being only one race – but it is the HUMAN race. All of the things you mention – Hebrews, Moors, Blacks, Whites, Europeans – are ethnicities, social constructs. Not races. Black is not a race. White is not a race. We both have the same DNA.

    6. Yes, there is only ONE race, Human origin-Africa. Everyone else should be according to the nation of origin identified — nationality. Those who call themselves caucasians are neither from the caucasus mountains or Asia. PERSONALLY , after in depth research and revelations, these people are the result of satan’s army having sexual encounters with people in a particular region of europe. Check out the origin of giants.
      Also, the sale of humans especially of one’s own people or kin, is a learn by example type of behavior. Life observation– children are either taught racisim/discrimination/predjudice OR it is learned by example ! TRUTH

    7. I believe you, I do feel that all kinds of blacks from different places were brought to the Americas as enslaved peoples also.

  2. Hello all,
    I’m very pleased to join the forum. interesting posts and I’ve read them all. However, they’ve raised a number of questions I am hoping I could get some answers to.

    1. Were the Babylonians, Persians, Parthians, Phoenicians black?
    2. Was the Islamic Prophet Mohammed black?
    3. How did the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Arabs etc come about?
    4. Does anyone know how long after the flood before things went back to normal?
    5. If the answer to number 1 is yes. Does anyone know when the people who say they’re Arabs, Persians etc settled in the middle east?
    6. I have heard it said that “you are what you’re father is”. Is there a biblical reference for this? And I take it that this means that irrespective of the fact that you might look black, if your father is white then you are also white. Is this assumption correct?
    7. Was James I a black Hebrew Israelite or was he just a black King?
    8. The portrayal of King James I as white began in what year?
    9. I think I read in one of the posts (not a 100%sure) that the Moors conquered Scotland, Ireland, England and several other northern European nations (outside of Spain and Portugal), could anyone say when this happened?
    10. I’ve read several times that the white race are descended from the Edomites, who are in turn descended from Esau. But I’ve also seen posts talking about whites being the descendants of Neanderthals and yet others saying they are the descendants of albinos or lepers. Is there a definitive answer on how they came about?
    Thanks everyone, really appreciate all the information.

    1. I am very interested in Monarchy and particularly The Stuarts,
      I do wonder about Charles II being referred to as black, yet Charles I is not referred in the same way. If the genes were passed on making Charles II black then can it be assumed that Charles II `s mother Henrietta was of black gene? If not so then how was Charles II seen as being black when his parents are not referred to as black.
      I do hope some one can explain this to an elderly (70) Monarchy history reader.
      Many thanks and drop me an email if you can help
      Regards, John

  3. Logic and reason..Most of ur answers are going to surround groups of our ancestors who are “MIXED”. Per Biblical and Quaranic Scriptires, not to mention Secular History..the first group of God’s Children were Pure Black/Brown, from the area referred to as Africa and the MiddleEast/Asia/India/Australia/ any surrounding Islands/N.America and S.America (Southern parts) and Southern Europe. These places were grouped 2gether as “Gondwanaland,” “Pangea,” “The MOTHERLAND,” “The Orient,” etc.., however, the bottomline is that the land housed our Brothas and Sistas (BLACK-BROWN SKINNED). Once we began going against God and not only Sinning but Commiting Abominations, some of the tribes were afflicted with Leprosy..per scripture (the B.C.’s). Those groups procreated with Black/Brown and Mixed (Leprous) groups..making all types of different shades. These mixed groups of our ancestors have had numerous names over the last 2000+ years. Canaanites, Arabs, Spaniards, Indians, Asians, Hispanics, Mullatos, etc..However, there is one group that is much more ruthless than ANY other. It is the lineage asssociated with the Goths, the Germans, the Brits, the Scots, The Irish, etc..They are said to have had the greatest amount of Original Blood sexed out, purposely. They believe in the Occult and are said to have procreated with Reptillians, Giants, Satan himself, etc. I don’t worry about that as much as I worry about doing what God put me here to do. I DO study as much History as I can so I won’t fall 4 the same OkeyDoke my ancestors fell 4. I realize that I too, an African American, am somewhat “MIXED”, though, I kept much of my Original, Israelite, Ancestor’s Blood (thank you God). I believe in the One and Only God that is in the same image as me and my Original Brothas and Sistas, from The Motherland. I believe that even though Muhammad was important in the Muslim religion, there is only ONE Messenger, and his name is YESHUA. I believe my Brotha, Yeshua, walked the earth and was able 2 do EXACTLY what our Father asked of us. I believe he was Brown – Skinned and in the same Image as our Father, as well. I also believe Satan is trying his hardest 2 destroy God’s Creation, which happens 2 be “Us”, and everything God has Blesed us with. I believe he is using that ruthless group of Marked Pagans/Lepers/whatever they are called this Era, to help with our demise. It is becoming harder and harder 2 distinguish who is whom. Therefore, I will do anything in my power 2 stay on the Path God has laid out 4 me. I would suggest that you Google search what ever other questions you have and then research as many sites you have time 2 research, in order 2 get as much info “pro and con”, as possible. I have GOBS of info and I have written it all down. If u want more of what I’ve spent 20+ years studying, visit my Blog “” God Bless you and I hope u find all answers that you seek.

    1. like to see some research on moors of Scotland if you have any.
      It’s very hard making the connection of king James being of Negro decent.

      1. I agree! I have been told that my maternal ancestral line is distantly related to the Stuarts, as well as most of the oldest lines of Europe, and I just got back my first DNA results and it was 100% European…not one drop of African (plus, I’m also of O Negative blood, which is a mind blowing thing to read about in and if itself)…But love by story short, I’ve an avid reader & lover of history and this is the first I have ever heard of a black Scottish King..? Since his Grandmother was a Medici (and therefore Italian), maybe they called him “the black boy” due to his black hair and dark or olive coloring, as they call people in Ireland with dark hair “black Irish?? Anyway, I’m always interested in learning the TRUTH, no matter what…My mother always used to say, “truth is most always stranger than fiction and a helluva lot more interesting”!

        1. Anna I just read your post about being a distant relative of The Stuart lineage and your DNA showing 100% European and that you have O Negitive blood. I am 65% European and also have ONegitive blood as do two of my daughters and one granddaughter. But I am surprised about the ONegitive blood what does that have to do with where our ancestors are from? I would love to read and find out everything I can.

        2. The aboriginal Britons (England, Wales ,Scotland) were described by Tacitus, ancient Roman as swarthy, short and curly haired. So what happened to those original swarthy black Britons?
          In 449 AD the Northern Germanic invasion of Briton pushed the surviving British population West to Cornwall, Wales and Ireland and North to Scotland.

          In 1688 AD the Stuart king James II was replaced by parliament with William III and Mary II. They produced no children and succession to the throne got complicated. The Irish and Scottish were later recruited by another Stuart cousin born in France known as “Bonnie Prince Charlie” to help him capture the British throne. This war was called the Jacobite rebellion. When they lost that battle many Scots and Irish were rounded up by the English and imprisoned and later deported to the Caribbean. A close inspection of these ships logs describe these prisoners.

          For example on the 5th of May 1747 a ship called the “VETERAN” captained by John Ricky, left Liverpool with Irish and Scottish prisoners. The ships log describes a percentage of these prisoners as being Brown skinned, swarthy or Black.

          The prisoner numbered 132 on the “veteran list” was said to be George Hume a writer in the legal profession. He was aged 30 from Edinburgh and described as a “black man”. From what I can tell he was the most educated prisoner on the ship.
          Prisoner 1519 Andrew Langer numbered 86 on the veteran list was described as a 40 year old, dark complexioned 5 foot 6 inch tall weaver from Dublin.
          Prisoner 3314 James Urquhart, numbered 78 on the veteran list was described as an 18 year old with a brown complexion and said to be a 5 foot 5 inch Labourer from Aberdeen.
          These prisoners were originally captured on the 30th December 1745 and imprisoned in York castle, Lincoln castle among other locations.

          The ship sailed near Antigua on the 28th of June 1747. However for reasons unspecified the prisoners were taken by the Diamond privateer Paul Marsale and released in Martinique on the 30th June 1747.

          See link below for more information.

    2. The first man and woman started in Africa. As tribes grew they moved farther and farther from the center of Africa. As some moved farther north or towards what’s now Europe their skin produced less and less melanin as the sun was not as strong as in Africa. Over generations their skin became lighter. So, everyone is really descended from the first black woman in Africa.

  4. There is a call to rename The Black Boy pubs in the UK but I believe that is wrong.

    The pub name is based upon Charles II who was mixed race, although portraits whitewash him to be white. His father was beheaded by Cromwell and he fled to Europe after hiding in a tree. When he was restored to the throne he reopened all the pubs in England that Cromwell had closed. Hence The Crown, The King’s Head, The Royal Oak and the Black Boy.

    I totally deplored the negro caricatures associated with the pub name as also being historically incorrect and the irrelevant black horse that hides true meaning of the name.

    The pub should have a contemporary image of the mixed race Charles II celebrating him as a ‘black’ hero.


  5. We are all black ourfore father Adam means man from the red clay we are all one created in the image of God when he made us we were beautiful until sin enter and change things the creation was change animal start to get bad the tree s plants and change from good to bad that the bottom line

  6. Well, many many years ago every body was most likely black. However human nature compelled our Homo Sapien ancestors to explore; and when we explored we found different climates. Now say for example in cold climates with not much sun, the Homo Sapiens with less melanin in their skins (lighter skin) were more suited to the climate that they now inhabited. Lo and behold the ones with the lower melanin in their skin were more adapted to the climate (could take in more vitamin D from what little sunlight was available) so the ones with more melanin died out in those regions. Generations upon generations of these small genetic variations meant that people became paler and paler in those regions. Alternatively if there were people with less melanin in places like Africa or any other very hot climate, the people with less melanin were more susceptible to UV radiation from the sun; which over time led them to die out too. This is what we in the science world called speciation. It is where a sole species will split up into different climates, then over time will adapt to said climate as a result of genetic mutation and variation. (I’m 17 btw don’t roast me)

  7. This is gigantically not true. I mean it’s a lovely thought but it’s just not even almost a little bit true.

    The Stewart line started in the 11th century with Walter FitzAlan, the High Steward of Scotland. As you can see, at this point in history, it was a title rather than a name. As with many surnames, the occupation became the actual name, and the Stuart/Stewart kings of Scotland were founded by Walter’s descendent, Robert II, King of Scotland. The Stewart line lasted quite a while and accounted for all the Scottish (and several English) kings up until the union of England and Scotland in 1707.

    The word ‘steward’ which evolved into the last name ‘Stewart’ is an Old English word which means ‘guardian’, and ultimately derives from a PIE root meaning ‘to watch out for’.

    Now, Charles II did have darker complexion than many English monarchs of the time, but this was not of African origin. Instead, the dark complexion was a genetic trait inherited from his maternal grandmother, the Italian Marie de Medici. It would have been impossible for him to have African ancestry. The ancestry of all kings and queens of Europe is extremely well documented, way back to at least the 8th or 9th centuries with very little margin of error. After that it becomes hazy, largely because contemporary records are scant, and also because people liked to make up fanciful ancestries for themselves, such as being descended from King Arthur, or Joseph of Arimathea, or any number of mythical or semi-mythical people.

    W…[Edited out for lack of taste]

    1. Barney states: “Now, Charles II did have darker complexion than many English monarchs of the time, but this was not of African origin. Instead, the dark complexion was a genetic trait inherited from his maternal grandmother, the Italian Marie de Medici.”

      Jahdey responds: Are Italians black or dark? Look to the continent South of Europe if you are looking for the origins of dark skin people.

      Barney states:”The ancestry of all kings and queens of Europe is extremely well documented, way back to at least the 8th or 9th centuries with very little margin of error. After that it becomes hazy, largely because contemporary records are scant, and also because people liked to make up fanciful ancestries for themselves, such as being descended from King Arthur, or Joseph of Arimathea”

      Jahdey responds: You appear unsure of what you meant to say. First you claim the ancestry is “extremely well documented” then in the next breath you claim the ancestry was equally “hazy”. Do you understand what hazy means? Do you know the history you are making claims to? It appears not.

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