Haplogroup J and the Jewish Cohen Modal Haplotype – Ishaq Al-Sulaimani

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Haplogroup J and the Jewish Cohen Modal Haplotype
Ishaq Al-Sulaimani

DNA evidence does not support the
claim that the Jewish people living
in Israel are descendants of the
ancient Israelites. On the contrary
DNA evidence proves that the vast
majority of Jewish people around the
world are not Israelite by patrilineal
descent meaning of the seed of
Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.

Judaism is a religion comprised
of numerous and various peoples
of all races and ethnicities. Israelites
are the descendants of Abraham,Isaac
and Jacob. Israelites are scattered
around the world and can be found
practicing every religion. DNA testing
has proven that Judaism is a religion
as the Jewish people have tested
positive for at least 8 distinct and
unrelated lineages.

J1 is the only Semitic Haplogroup
recognized by geneticists. It appears
heavily in Ethiopia,Yemen and Arabia.
It is also common amongst Bedouins.
STR markers are used to specify
lineages within a specific haplogroup.
The Kohenim which are found within
the Buba clan of the Lemba tribe of South
Africa, the descendants of Muhammad
(Ishmael) and the Solomonic Amhara
of Ethiopia are all defined by specific
STR Markers within the J1 Haplogroup.

Only 4% of Jewish people around the
world claim to be Kohen. DNA testing
eliminated more than half of those
claims. Meaning that less than 2%
of Jewish people are actually of
authentic Kohen descent.

Approximately 13% of
the Jewish people have the
J1 haplogroup. This means
that almost 90% of the Jewish
people are not Semitic or
Israelite for that matter.
The Israelite Amhara of
Ethiopia have 10 times the
amount of J1 than all of
the Jewish people combined.
The Buba clan has a higher
ratio of Kohenim in comparison
to any Jewish community.
Only the ancient Kurdish Jews
have a ratio of Kohenim comparable
to that of the Buba(Lemba).

Note: J2 is not Semitic but
Phoenician, which was a
mixture of Semitic and Hamitic.
Some Israelite STR markers
were identified in J2 such as
a limited amount of Kohenim.
However J2 is not Semitic
and should not be confused
or combined with J1. J2
is non-existent in Ethiopia.

Matrilineal Judaism which
considers paternity irrelevant
to Jewish status could not
possibly inherit that which was
promised to the seed of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob.

Below is a DNA Site presented
by an educated Jewish woman
which clearly demonstrates
the fact that the vast majority
of Jewish people are not J1.

Page 4- J1 constitutes 14.6%
of Ashkenazi results and 11.9%
of Sephardic results

See: “A Reassessment of the Jewish DNA Evidence
Ellen Levy-Coffman . The Jewish community has
been the focus of extensive genetic study over the past …

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47 thoughts on “Haplogroup J and the Jewish Cohen Modal Haplotype – Ishaq Al-Sulaimani”

  1. It’s fun to find that my haplogroup is J1C from my all-Irish mother. Validates the migration pattern of some Jews in ancient times.

    1. Mariel

      You’re referring to MtDNA
      and not Y DNA

      BTW I belong to Mt DNA J1c too

      it’s a European sublcade
      It’s not Middle Eastern.

    2. Not really, Romans brought Saracen archers to Britain. Your looking at a small segment below J1-YSC234 in L147 which modern Jews carry. British Isle J1, is well known in itself. Have you tested your SNP’s? Or STR’s for CMHe?

  2. How about Maltese people? They have the highest percent of J2 markers found around the world. Also, Maltese like Hebrew is deemed semetic and clearly came from israel.
    Recap – Maltese are the closest things in the world to modern day Phoenicians which came from Israel and is known to be semetic.

    Side note: Malta is know to have the second oldest jewish community outside of Israel!

    Please explain.

    Thank you.

      1. Hi Ponto,

        You’re response is very aggressive is this because you’re ashamed of the 5% found in your own testing? I know you’re Maltese and have viewed your DNA report. Don’t be ashamed my friend for we are all children of God:)

        It is not our blood that defines us it’s how we treat others.

    1. Phoenicians are not found in Israel Phoenicians are found in Lebanon.
      Malta is as ancient Phoenician word for refuge and Malta used to be colonised by the Phoenicians.
      Just to recap Maltese people have Phoenician DNA Phoenicians are from Lebanon making them lebanese making the Maltese lebanese not Israelite.

  3. I don’t know where you get you information about Maltese genetics, Jeff, but it is wrong. J2 is 21%, other J mostly J1 is 8%. Anyway all that haplogroup stuff is antique, autosomal dna testing is the in thing now. European Jews are mostly European, something like 60%, the rest is not really from the Middle East, it is Anatolian and from the Caucasus.

    I suggest you do some reading before making silly statements.

  4. Ponto
    European Jews are mostly European, something like 60% ?? Are you nutt?? LOL

    the facts are:
    1. the Haplogroup of Abraham’s sons: J1c3d (+L147)..
    2. (Autosomal DNA test) or (maternal test) wouldn’t help. and has nothing to do with facts..
    3. You’re out of luck to be a real Jew. and not even close.. (I mean an ancestor )
    4. Europeans are a Jews servants.. this is what people know..
    5. I’m really sorry to say that….. but it’s the truth..

    1. Ponto’s comment is likely in the ballpark.
      Ashkenazi Jews have likely between 55% and 65% European ancestry on average, depending on what study you reference.
      Autosomally Ashkenazi Jews are very much like Greek admixed South /Central Italians/Sicilians/Peloponnese Greeks and Greeks from Crete.
      The “Middle Eastern” component of Ashkenazi Jews has been show by several studies to be closely related to Kurds, Turks, Armenians and Iranians.
      I would call, it West Asian and not “Middle Eastern” at all.
      Do some research Sean before insulting a guy that has his facts correct….

  5. Guys,
    Lets not get twisted by the findings of the DNA from the present day Jewish populations. Anyone could become a jew but not everyone is an actual descendant of the Children of Israel. The Jewish populations today are a mixture of many different people and therefore you will find large amounts of foreign DNA within their lineage. The evidence is becoming much more clear as time unfolds. The only DNA haplogroup you will find within all the ancient tribes of Hebrews who are not necessarily Jewish is haplogroup E. The haplogroup J isnt of middle eastern or African origin it never was and no DNA scientist will ever claim this. J originated from the caucausus and above and was introduced into the area after. Anyway common sense will tell you that the Hebrews were sent into exile and left the area so tracking the sampling the DNA of grops of people in the area now will be of no factual use because the people who are there now only represent the people who came into the area after we had left.

    How many different people came into the area after we had left and gone into exile? There were Turkic, Roman, Greek and we know that there are many Greeks who are haplo group J, and many others and they would have been there after the exile. And many of these groups converted to Judaism but they couldn’t change their DNA.

    The missinformation and great hatred of the real Hebrew people have fueled the blindness of the rest of the world to see the obvious truth that the real hebrews have been living among them for years as so called black people and they have been told that jews are white therefore we cannot possibly be Jews. I agree with them I am not a jew but Hebrew a descendent of the Children of Israel which something completely different. Yes there are some jews who do have the DNA of the Chidlren of Israel but the majority of the jews today are not the descendants of Bani Israel. The Children of Israel are one people genetically therefore they must have the same genetic material and code simple. We are not like Islam or another religion where people can just join no; we are a race of people so inclusion is simply a matter of genetics. It is the modern day Jewish religion that has declared that you can convert to become a jew. And, again I agree you can convert tobecome a jew but you must be born a child of Israel in order to become a child of Israel. The curses travel in your blood and many of the jewish people today do not look like they suffered any of the curses whatsoever and in fact they have been doing quite well in fact. So this for me is a simple evidence that they are not the children of Israel. But, there are some which are Children of israel.

    All of the smoke and nonse we are seeing today is the jewish zionist lobby and the American right-wing Christians trying to defend their positions because it weakens their positions considerably. The Zionist loses his claim to the holy land and Right wing American Christian has to admit that they have had a hand in oppressing God’s people. Also when they believed we were hametic it was easier to treat us badly because we deserved it due the rubbish we are the cursed descendants of Ham. But, it very funny why we have the same DNA as the Hebrews and not the Hametic people. And, now I have even seen people trying to say that E1b1a is hametic line. This is where they fall into a real big problem if E1b1a is hametic and E1b1b is Hebrew how the hell are they going to say J1 is Hebrew, it is totally a different haplogroup. E1b1a and E1b1b are seperated by a sub-sub clade which means they are the same people seperated by distance in time or who split into two groups. This we know to be true because our ancestors said we did. So, if E1b1a isn’t Hebrew J1 is from a different planet. E is the only Hebrew haplogroup they know it we know it now and the migration routes fit the stories of the exile perfectly.

    I’ll let the disbelievers argue because God said simply that he will stretch out his hand a second time and gather us back again but he also said that he would make us for get our heritageprior to this as a punishment. No one else falls into this description except those who were E1b1a and especially those taken during slavery to the Caribbean and Americas.

    So, I not too bothered by their rantings as the DNA speaks for itself and God is speaking to us through the results of the DNA. This is the in gathering of the Israel and Judah and I am not surprised that people who were fed a lie including some Hebrews themselves find it difficult to believe we are indeed Hebrews. Even I was told as a child but we didn’t take it seriously we were brain washed too and thought it was a lie. Now, I got myself tested and I was E1b1a and have been studying our history for the past two years and everything point to the same results the history, scripture and now DNA; Hebrew.

    1. You say that no genetics Scientist will ever say that The haplogroup J isnt of middle eastern or African origin it never was and no DNA scientist will ever claim this. J originated from the Caucasus and above and was introduced into the area after.
      Well Here is J1c Ancestral migration path, so I don’t know how you come to your conclusions.
      Haplogroup J1, M267 (Subclade J1c, L136)
      M168, Time of Emergence: Roughly 50,000 years ago
      Place of Origin: Africa
      lineage probably lived in northeast Africa in
      the region of the Rift Valley, perhaps in present-day Ethiopia , Kenya, or Tanzania, some 31,000 to
      79,000 years ago. Scientists put the most likely date for when he lived at around 50,000 years ago.
      His descendants became the only lineage to survive outside of Africa, making him the common ancestor of every non-African man living today.
      M89: Moving Through the Middle East,
      Time of Emergence: 45,000 years ago
      Place: Northern Africa or the Middle East
      The man who gave rise to M89, a marker found in
      90 to 95 percent of all non-Africans. This man was born around 45,000 years ago in northern Africa or the Middle East.
      M304; Time of Emergence:15,000 to 10,000 years ago
      Place of origin: Fertile Crescent.
      The patriarch of M304 was a descendant of the M89 Middle Eastern clan. He was born between
      15,000 to 10,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent, a region that extends from the Mediterranean
      Sea to the Persian Gulf where the Euphrates and Tigris rivers form an extremely rich floodplain.
      Today the region includes all or parts of Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.
      The M304 marker appears at its highest frequencies in the Middle East, North Africa, and Ethiopia. In Europe, it is seen only in the Mediterranean region.
      An important subgroup of this group includes the descendants of another man from the M89 Middle
      Eastern clan born in the Fertile Crescent at about the same time, carrying the marker M172.
      The early farming successes of these lineages spawned population booms and encouraged
      migration throughout much of the Mediterranean world. In fact, both haplogroup M304 and its
      subgroup M172 are found at a combined frequency of around 30 percent amongst Jewish individuals.
      M267; Time of Emergence: About 10,000 years ago
      Place of origin: Fertile Crescent
      The M267 haplogroup arose in the southern Fertile Crescent, perhaps in what is now Iraq, about
      10,000 years ago. In this post-Ice Age era the region had a very fertile climate, which helped to feed
      the growth of early agriculture and, with it, the foundations of settled human communities.
      The first man to exhibit the M267 marker was probably an early agriculturalist. During successive
      generations, his descendents would carry the lineage through much of the Middle East, the Arabian
      Peninsula, and North Africa.
      The M267 lineage was widely dispersed by two major waves of migration. The first occurred some
      10,000 years ago during the region’s Neolithic period. The homesteading farmers of this era spread
      out from the Fertile Crescent into the welcoming lands of Europe, Ethiopia, and even farther afield.
      More recently, during the golden age of Islamic expansion, some descendents of the original M267
      spread to North Africa and to Europe’s Iberian Peninsula. The Moors, North African peoples of
      Berber and Arab origins, carried both their faith and their culture on conquests of the Iberian
      Peninsula, northwest Africa, and beyond. Their genetic impact on Spain, however, was relatively
      Modern members of this haplogroup once again live in their highest concentrations near its ancestral
      birthplace in the Middle East, as well as in Arabia, North Africa, and Ethiopia. M267 is also seen in
      Mediterranean Europe, though at much lower frequencies.
      The haplogroup also carries a strong cultural connection—many of its members with European
      ancestry are Jewish. More than half of all J1, M267 (Subclade J1c, L136) samples in the
      Genographic database are Ashkenazi Jews, revealing a genetic connection to the Middle Eastern homeland of Judaism. So how is it you can say that no genetic scientist will never say that . This is from the leading Genographic program in the world.

    2. Will meet on the battle field.
      Golan israeli Hebrew jew decendant of king david lineage and worshipper of the one true g… of abraham isaac and Jacob.
      A true zionist.

    3. I know for a fact that Mohammad (pbuh) are from E1b1b1 haplogroup . He is not originally from Abrab tribes. His ancestory is from Ibrahim and Ishmail not from Arab tribes which are J haplogroup. I am sure that all isrealites are from E1b1b1 haplogroup. I don’t understand why Jewish people spreading this lie. Are they consider them whites.

  6. The Issue with this report is that in order to understand a ethnic people you look at the total amount of haplotype breakdowns and compare that with other populations…Most semetic ethnic groups have a similar breakdown,,,a certain amount of J1, J2, e1b…Even arab groups carry haplogroups R1b, R1a, Q, G ,etc…The important note to comparing the ethnic groups is to see how much of each haplotype is found and at what rate…All jewish groups have similar breakdowns of haplotypes with ashkenazim having more r1a, sephardics having more r1b,,, etc…both having similar frequencies of J1,j2,e1b…and also comparing jewish groups to middle eastern non jewish groups you see the same thing…similar breakdowns of J and E haplogroups,, with small amounts of Q,R,G ,etc as well…..

  7. J1 and J2 emerged in lower Anatolia and the upper fertile crescent. Exactly where the bible says Abraham came from. Ur according to Joesphus and Maimondes is where current day Kurdistan would be. Take it as you will.

  8. The author says that haplogroup J2 is “Phoenician not Semitic”.

    The Phoenicians were Northwest Semites very closely related to the Hebrews.

  9. I am J1a but reclassified as J2a1 by a world expert who has written papers on it. The head of FTDNA says I am a Semite with an unknown pedigree.. So why how do I fit in? It appears I am both? Could this be a Phoenician connection?

  10. The fact that haplogroup J is majority in the Middle East where Josephus says Abraham was born in meaningless. Talmud Sanhedrin explains very clearly that King Sennaherib from Assyria took all the nations and mixed them by moving them from one location to other and diluting their national identity. As far as the Torah says Abraham was a descendant of Shem and we don’t know what haplogroup Shem was. Saying that haplogroup J is Semitic is a mere inference because we don’t have DNA from 5000 years ago. Majority of modern Jews are J but that does not mean that Abraham was J because different people inhabited the Middle East during Abraham’s time. In addition, Y chromosome and mtDNA represents less than 1% of your genome so autosomal DNA is the most important.

    1. We do have ancient DNA tests. My dna has been classified Semitic irrespective of its name. Jim Logan has reclassified the J1a to J2a1 – hence I am wondering which peoples I fall into. A Semite is any of number of people who spoke Semitic languages at the time. They all came from Shem. Hence my ancestry is Semitic but I’d like to know which group. Maternal dna remains largely unchanged.. Semites are not just Jews and not always Hebrews…

    2. Peace and blessings ahchs and achtis,

      Nationality is determined by the seed of the father and the fathers father. You can’t make a lawful claim of Nationality based on anything but Y chromosome patrilineal Ancestry. Chapter 5 of Genesis bears this out. Ethnicity is good to know but bloodline and inheritance are patrilineal. I’m the scriptures we are reckoned (think census) based on the houses of are fathers.

      shalam shalam

  11. Hello …
    I carry the gene j1 and I am an Arab from Libya .. and this is not important

    Because the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad tells us that in the Day of Judgment … ((There is no difference between an Arab and non-Arab except by piety and good action/work)) ……
    and I believe that all the prophets ” our father Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and Joseph, and Hood and Saleh, Moses, Jesus …etc ” all the prophets tell us that ..
    (( There is no difference between the sons of Adam, except by piety and good deeds.))
    So, knowing the genes could be used in scientific and historical purposes ..
    ??prophet of Islam “Muhammad” said :
    You all belong to Adam, and Adam was created from dust.

    and God in quran says :
    we made you into nations and tribes in order to get to know
    The people closest to God is the most piety…

  12. “The Kohenim which are found within
    the Buba clan of the Lemba tribe of South
    Africa, the descendants of Muhammad
    (Ishmael) and the Solomonic Amhara
    of Ethiopia are all defined by specific
    STR Markers within the J1 Haplogroup.”

    the Lemba’s Bubba clan Cohenim marker is FOUND IN THERE CHROMOSOME, E1B1A, NOT IN NO J-HAPLO GROUP!

    J Haplo Group is Japheth seed. GOG AND MAGOG. NEANDERTHAL HYBRIDS.

    Ethopians are now Neanderthal Hybrids because they intermixed with the Japheths seed…. ONLY E1B1A are the pure Jews, no Neanderthal!!!!

    There is no Neanderthal in the Lemba, nor in all the other E1b1a sub-saharan Hebrews. Ethiopian Hebrews, just like the Egyptians, started mixing with the Hybrid nations.

      1. False. That’s the false “jews” trying to write themselves into Hebrew validity when they know damn well they aren’t Hebrews.

        Common sense would say if the Lemba are a Bantu people (and they are), and the overwhelming percentage of Bantus and their descendants (like the American negro) make up e1b1a and its supgroups, then obviously the Lemba are NOT J1.

        Revelation 2:9; Revelation 3:9

        Moreso, most of these Bantu people all have oral history and in some cases written history, that they got to the areas they are now because they had to flee Northeast Africa which is erroneously called the Middle East.

        E1B1A and all of its sub groups are crystal clear identifiers of the children of Israel and the children of Israel only.

  13. The Bible speaks of all these gentile races who claim to be jewish and are not

    Rev 2:9 9 KJV
    I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    These “Jewish/Ashkenaz/Japhetic” people do not follow the word they created their own Bible they follow the Babylonian Talmud it has nothing to do with the Ancient Israelites it is a Satanic Book. Jacon had 3 Sons Haplogroup GHIJK Y-chromosomes all descend from A common ancenstor haplogroup F. All those listed are Indo European races who derived from Asia. They are Japhetic which mean they are not of Shem meaning they cannot be descents of Israelites they dont share the same lineage.

    The story the bible is about a black race a chosen people. In America they called us Hamites because we lost out identify. But with DNA and And the Bible. The truth has revealed the Hamitic races are of E1b1b who are the Egyptian, Ethipians, Berbers, Libyans

    (1 Chronicles 1:8-16)
    6And the sons of Ham; Cush(Ethiopians), and Mizraim(Egypt), and Phut(Libyans) , and Canaan (Berbers/Arabs)

    Now that we know who truly are The Japhetic and Hamitic peoples. Neither of those groups can Claim curses that happened to them because the real Jews fled into Africa and havent returned. Also f you read the bible lineage should only be traced father to son.

    Ill leave it to critical thinking but the E1b1a haplogroup belongs to African Americans/West African/South, Bantu/ Lemba Diaspora. This haplogroup is from Shem and Derived from North/East of Africa.They are the only ones who fit prophecy and geneology. All other groups claiming to be them are wrong, plus none of them went on ships in slavery. It only happened to the E1b1a.

    Deut 26:68

    “And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt(slavery) again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.”

    1. I like the part where it reads,” and no man shall buy you”… Everyone bought black people. It didnt matter if you were coffee, licorice, or carmel.

  14. Lots of misinformation here

    1. African Americans were not mainly brought here in slave ships. They are remnants of Black Native Americans who are the remnants of Songhai’s expedition who first went into Soth America and migrated up north to the Missisippi who was full of Israelites. Most of those brought over in the slave trade were brought to Brazil. Many African Americans are the remants of Irish and Scottish slaves. Got hairy arms, hairy back, hairy legs, covered in hair all over? Sorry but you’re most likely an Edomite hence why so many blacks have Irish names and “white” dna. Esau was just as black as Jacob was. Stop listening to the camps. So called Gad who wore fringes – that was you. The Gad they speak of are nothing more than Mongols/Hittites/Caananites – no different than how whites are mainly Canaanites. (Aside from the Fro-haired Jews who ARE Esau).

    But of course I’m lying right?

    Tell me in the art there with the afros, fringes and covered heads. What manner of dress have we seen that is more “Hebrew” in the depiction drawn here by white explorers? Where do a bunch of “Mongols” get Turkish wheat? Sounds like a certain escape from slavery in a certain part of the world when you start to put two and two together.

    Read the Article, it tells quite a bit of truth.

    I also recommend watching Lex Will’s videos. He does quite a bit of in depth research.

  15. Hamitic races are of the haplogroup E1b1b prominent among the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Berbers, Libyans, and Danaan Greeks. The Egyptian kings that the Israelite patriarchal legends ( Abram, Isaac, Jacob/Israel) derive from were likely E1b1b. The obvious implication is that true Israelites are E1b1b.

    The J1 semitic people were Canaanites, Arabs and others that converted to the religion of the Egyptian E1b1b nobility/priesthood of ancient Israel in Canaan or between Egypt and Canaan (an Egyptian province). The J2 are from Phoenecian allies/converts in Northern Israel etc.

    The virulent anti-Egyptian, anti-Hamitic prejudices of later “Judaism” and the rabbis (who at some point after the 2nd c. BCE were probably Edomite rather than Israelite) and the subsequent switch to matriarchal inheritance of “Jewishness” probably reflects a power shift away from the E1b1b true Egyptian/Israelite nobility/priesthood in favor of the much more numerous J1 Canaanite semites, the J2 Phoenecians (mixed Hamite and Semite) and numerous and powerful Edomites that were converted to Jewry by force under Hyrcanus.

    Once these non-Israelites became client kings of Judah under the Roman Empire, you can bet that true Israelites were persecuted if they did not accept the leadership pretentions of the usurping Edomites as the leaders of the Jews (with the support of J1 semites, J2 converts and the Roman Empire).

    1. Wrong. Neanderthal DNA is throughout all those haplogroups you just mentioned.


      The scriptures warned the Israelite not to mix with the Hybrids, meaning there should be very little to no Neanderthal DNA in Israelite blood.

      E1b1a is Israel…. Israel is not E1b1b. E1b1b is Ham.

  16. You people forget one big factor….

    All haplogroups have Jewish/Semitic ancestry because the Torah is big on converts. People converting into Judasim. Any race can be Jewish from any part of the world. In Talmud Days
    To convert it only takes 3 pious Jews and a conversion can be performed in as little as same day. The purpose of finding Jewish ancestry helps link a geological Jewish line but does not men Jews cannot come from all haplogroups.

  17. I don’t see how E1b1a is Israel and E1b1b is ham when it’s the same lineage. We can call it a Hebrew Lineage for sure. We know that a lot of the tribes in Africa and the People of the Diaspora carry the E1b1a so. It’s more of a separation than a different lineage or someone just want to separate it.

  18. It is ironic that there are many who claim to be of Jewish ancestry when the chances are 50 to 0 %. Funny thing is to see that those who claim to be are simply demonic clowns making a spectacle of those things which are sacred. And in the same token becoming fools to the foolish. Those who claim to be descendants of God’s people are not while those who are keep the to themselves in their hearts.

  19. King Richard III was of haplogroup J1, but that line was wiped out and replaced by royalty from other tribes (I think quite a few have been DNA tested and none of the recent ones had the J1 haplogroup). There are a few J1 families still left in the UK and some that fled to early America and set up home there. My own family are J1 on at least one side and look very similar to Richard III. Through genetic testing, they trace back to Iberia (now Space/France), the Basque area, then via a group that migrated out of the area around Iran/Armenia/Black Sea region. But as far as I’m aware, there are no jewish people in my family, only christians.

  20. Hello. Can you clarify (as I’m a beginner) how and or if either of my Dad’s Haplogroups could be traced back to Jewish roots in any way or not? I’m not entirely sure I make sense of it all as I’m just learning. His Maternal Haplogroup is J2b1a1 (aka M99?) and his Paternal Haplogroup is JM172. I find it all very fascinating to learn about lineage, history and how we all came to be!

  21. Requires researched documentation from authoritative credible resources to prove it like Dr. Dr. Klyosov. Etc. There are false Jews. Its was meant to occur per the scriptures. The bible clearly makes a DELIENATION between the 2 J’s Y haploids in the book of creation, Genises. . Anthroplology and scripture research intercept at a time when and where J2 existed prior to Solomons temple. J1 BEING A MORE RESENT INHABITANT IN THE MIDDLE EAST. ALSO, PER BIBLE A REMNANT. OR TRIBE OF ISRAEL SHA LL BE SPARED AND LINEAGE SHALL INHERIT THE PROMIISED LAND PER BIBLICAL essential INDICATER. THAT PEOPLE HaPPENS TO BE J2 to this day. As for the rest of those other ancient lineages God has disperesed throughout the world. A surviving Jewish remnant, Samaritans, a J2 haploid population is a sample and indicater established by God, yet neglected by society untill this day. Jews in every aspect of society whether they know their identity or not are nevertheless central figures leaders and key KEEPERS in various higherarchy and crucial roles WITHIN THEIR CURRENT INHABBITED society globally speacking. Unfoubtfully, JEWS CONTINUE TO BE GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE in crucial ways not merely through pretentious claims. IN OTHER WORDS, GOD’S WORD has been an accurate and resounding echoing voice throught human existence when he specifically called his chosen people, Peleg being the father of Abraham. It’s been A RESOUNDING VOICE UNTILL THIS DAY. THE’LL BE A TIME WHEN ALL DISPERSED JEWS and their famillies WILL RETURN TO THEIR PROMISSED LAND.

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