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Grapefruit is a wonderful member of the citrus family. There are different varieties of this fruit and the taste ranges from sweet to sour. However, the taste of grapefruit is not its basic value. Its loaded nutritional contents are what recommend grapefruit for daily consumption.

The vitamin composition of the fruit is unique. One grapefruit provides all the daily dose of vitamin C that the human organism needs. Vitamin C helps people protect from cold and flu, slows down ageing and is good for complexion and skin. It fights inflammation which are implicated in most of the major diseases from cancer to cardiovascular illnesses.

Grapefruits are a good source of vitamin PP, or niacin (vit B3) that fights fatigue and sleeplessness, and vitamin D that is essential for children and the elderly. Vitamin D is especially important for black people living in the Northern hemisphere, where deficiency is endemic.

Grapefruit also contains pectin that removes cholesterol off the organism and improves metabolism and waste removal. It also contains lycopene, a compound that neutralizes toxins and detoxifies the system. It is also an adaptogen. a substance that helps people endure bad environment.

The fruit is a powerful regulator of excess body weight. It is highly relied on by many dietitians to fight the onset of excess pounds. A couple of grapefruit segments after meals can burn a half of the calories consumed during the meal.

A kilogram of grapefruits contains only 90 calories, so the fruit will not cause damage to the body shape.

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3 thoughts on “Eat the Grape-Fruits – Jide Uwechia (Rasta Health Corner)”

  1. Interesting. I thought that the grapefruit was a hybrid of the pomelo fruit and some other citrus fruit grafted into the pomelo tree. Also, I thought that it has more of a strong bitter taste than sour.

  2. Posted on behalf of Ishaq:

    The word for Grapefruit in Hebrew is Eshcol(it), while the word for Cluster is of the same root being Eshcol. When the Israelites went to spy out the land of Canaan they came back with a report which described a race of giants known as the Anakim or Nephillim. According to the Bible they also came back with a giant cluster of grapes which had to be carried on a tray by two men. Considering that the word Eshcol describes both Clusters and Grapefruits it becomes very likely that the giant fruit was not grapes but grapefruits. This confusion may also account for the similarity in the english words Grapefruit and Grapes. If the grapefruit is a hybrid fruit as speculated by JB546 then it may further indicate that the giants(Anakim) were practicing genetical engineering thousands of years ago. The Israelite Diet for Life is available @ WWW QARAIMS COM

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