Ancient Africa in the Bible

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Ethiopia (Bible-period Africa) is mentioned so many times in the Bible that one would presume that its extensive political, cultural and economic significance in the Biblical period was common knowledge.

Below, find a few examples of the recognition given to Africa in the ancient times:

Jeremiah 13:23:

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

Amos 9:7:

Are you not as children of Ethiopia unto me, O children of Israel. Have I not brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt?

Nahum 3:9:

Ethiopia and Egypt were her strength, and it was infinite; Punt and Lubim were thy helpers.

Zephania 3:10:

From beyond the borders of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of my dispersed shall bring mine offering.

Genesis 2:13:

Ethiopia is one of the first countries mentioned in the Bible. It is associated with the garden of Eden.

Genesis 10:6-20:

Describes the kingdoms founded by the families of the founders of Ethiopia.

Numbers 12:1:

And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.

Later on in his career, Moses was sheltered and counseled by his Ethiopian father-in-law, Jethro (Exodus 3:1, 4:18,18:1-12)

2 Kings 19:9:

And when he heard say of Tirhakah king of Ethiopia, Behold, he is come out to fight against thee: he (king of Babylon) sent messengers again unto Hezekiah…

2 Chronicles 14:9:

Ethiopian general, Zerah, led an army of thousands upon thousands with 300 chariots.

Esther 1:1, 8:9:

Ethiopia is used as a border to measure an empire.

Job 28:19:

The topaz of Ethiopia shall not equal it, neither shall it be valued with pure gold.

Psalms 68:31:

Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.

Psalm 87:4:

I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know me: behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia; this man was born there.

Jeremiah 38:7,10,12:

Ethiopian royal official rescues prophet Jeremiah.

Nahum 3:9:

“Ethiopia and Egypt were her strength, and it was infinite.”

Acts 8:27:

Ethiopian government official goes to Jerusalem to worship, accepts Christianity and brings it back to Ethiopia which was ruled by Ethiopian Queen Kandake (Candace).

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Jide Uwechia

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93 thoughts on “Ancient Africa in the Bible”

  1. I am a seventh day adventist from Dominica and i think black people should be proud of there heritage,Black people should walk with there heads high among men because you are a chosen nation.If we look in the bible the wises man ever was a black man ,king solomon said i am black and comly.Jesus a blackman the bible said that he did not standout in Egypt becaus of his complection.Black people we a chosen.

  2. Memba, wetha ya black,white,asian,o latin,native, InI all suffa from da plannins of da sisthems in place already. Fa sample, tho blacks work hard ta learn Istory, whites need ta do da same. Fa when dey look at history, dey might find dat dey Istory been changed as well. No mention of Vikings,Celts,Saxons,Angles,etc. Nstead, all history start wit Greeks, den Romans, skip Hindu,Chinese,an barely mention Natives like Aztec,Toltec,Mayan,Inca,and da like.
    Whys dat?
    Tink on it!

  3. Lastly, don waste ya time arguin’ bout da past; da present gotta nuff ta deal wit. InI reason we in a big period of change, biga dan we tink, mon! Betta ta prep Iself fa wat commin’. Here in USA, we da “Whore of Babylon” mention in Revelations; every nation sleepin’ wit us, and every nation fin ta fall!! Prepare ya self; by 2012, December, Mayan predict it will come!!! So peace ta all, unite, fight, and prepare Iselfs.
    (sorry if In hard to overstand, InI workin’ on mi language/dialect/wordpower)

  4. God made the covenant with his black children of Israel, the original Israelites, who are scattered all over the world today and know it not. Esau’s children know more about our history than we do and sadly our history has been staring us in our faces ever since we opened the holy bible. The false teachers and preachers are preaching Jesus died for all of us, but the bible continously tells us that Jesus died for his people. Yes all are entitled to be part takers of our Holy family but they must accept Jesus/Yah as Lord and savior first.
    The false white image of Jesus will be no longer, the true Jesus, the One with the dred locks and black skin, FORMED Adam from the dust and therefore he Jesus/Yahshua is our God.

  5. I want to learn my history but I am sure that the American history books do not tell me all I need to know. I am half African and I grew up with my caucasian family and so i didnt really learn much about my culture.. I remember when I was little they said I was “tan”. That only lead me to thinking i was someone that i was not. And when i realized what i was i was ashamed because i was the outcast.And some people around me spoke bad about Africans so I began to dislike that I had african blood and pretty much wished i was full caucasian..

    But when i got older i finally started to see that I should be Proud of where I come from!

    I want to learn all there is about I history! It is crucial that I know the truth..

    If anyone knows of any books It would help out alot.&thankyou &

  6. To loveis,

    A few good reads are The Scramble for Africa (M.E. Chamberlain), The Shaping of Black America (Lerone Bennett, Jr.), Black Skin White Masks (Frantz Fanon), and Passageways, An Interpretive History of Black America (Volume II:1863-1965) (Colin A. Palmer). Going forward, after these reads you should check out The Blueprint for Black Power (Amos N. Wilson)

  7. I recently read a book that was such an interesting read and different. Reclamation of Africa’s Royalty 323 BC. It’s a change from all the drama very touching story. Thank you all for your knowledge here. Good Stuff.

  8. black people are the jews.cush(kenya,ethiopia)is the holy land.

    blacks have been slaves for many year,but GOD is sending moses to take us to promised land.Africa is going to rise.



  9. Ethiopia: The Truth Presents itself?
    The Day is near when the World Powers and the International Community would say: In
    the name of Ethiopianness or Ethiopiawinnet, let us today embrace Ethiopia as the true
    Garden of Eden, location of the Tree of Life, where original sin occurred, and where we
    must go to seek redemption for our sins and those of our ancestors. Let us unite all nations
    of the Earth and defeat the demonic forces plaguing the Garden and guarantee our names
    in the Book of Life by fighting against the criminality and corruption in Ethiopia and
    restore the reign of the Kingdom of God to these humble people.

  10. Here’s the meat of it:
    We can’t get so caught up in who we are and where we come from that we lose sight of God, who He is, what He has done for us, and who we are in Him.
    “For Thou wast slain and didst purchase for God with Thy blood Men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. And Thou hast made them to be a kingdom and priest to our God; And they will reign upon the Earth.” Rev. 5:9,10

    We need to remember that God has called us all. It’s not about Europe, Africa, Asia or the Americas, it’s about His good and perfect will for us ALL.

  11. Although I am not of african decent I truly can see and believe the legitimacy of the african in the bible.

    It’s a sad shame that it is never mentioned and or overlooked when it should be told to those whom are studying and want to know the real truth.

    So much has not be told that I wonder if people even realize the ramifications of what is going on here and in the world today. If not, which is more than likely they need too.

  12. The word Ethiopia in the original writings of the Bible is Kush. This later came to be translated as Ethiopia by the Greeks . Kush in fact in much of the Bible is the name for certain Arabian tribes. Both terms later came to mean “the black people” due to the color of the Arabians. For example Cepheus king of Ethiopia in Greek is the ruler Qabus of Arabian writings and the Kay or King Kavus or Ka’us in Iranian texts who lived in the area of Hamavaran or Himyar in the Yemen. Cassiopeia or Cassyop his wife receives her name from Yafa in the Yemen and is likely the same person as Assiya in Arabian tradition who lived in the time of Asaf or Josef.

    Tiharkah was a Nubian, but the ruler Zerah of Kush was also an Arabian ruler. And both Kush and Mishrah or Mizra are ancient Arabian tribal names and place names which came to be translated as Ethiopia and Egypt.. See Kamal Salibi’s The Bible Came from Arabia for an explanation of these names. It is also likely the rulers of the Yemen had some affiliation or family connections with the rulers of Nubia whom were called Meluhha like the ancient Arabians. Ethiop in Greek myth who is called Itopus in Ethiopian royal geneology is also likely the Adapa of ancient Babylonia.

  13. the truth is finally coming out.i guess the time of the gentiles are over.boy, did they have us brain wash.and now i wonder why,they must have a very big secret they are trying to keep.

  14. Jesus was descended from the much reviled Ham. When Judah left his brothers he met and married a Canaanite. The Canaanites are the children of Ham. Jesus is the direct descendant of Judah and his Canaanite wife.

  15. i am a 51 year old african american who was raised in eastern ky . like so many before me the truth of evidence of black people did not exist to me until as an adult the truth was revealed to me through spirit and the word of GOD.lucifer is a very cunning creation of GOD read about him and his lies and then maybe the blind will see the word of GOD and the deaf will hear his word . satan is the prince of lies and through out history his lies has hidden the truth to mankind stop believing mans lies that blend with the devils lies and understand that black people do exist in the word of GOD we are not animals and are not only remembered as slaves but are a proud historic people that were the creators first born accept the fact that the covenant was made with ABRAHAM AND HIS DECENDANTS

  16. I find it hard to believe that people of this world today are still in denial about the characters of the bible. As we move forward we can’t help but remember the past and if history serves us well, the people that were referred to as savages and barbarians, were actually the one’s God had choosen over all nations to be his. He had searched their hearts and saw their faithfulness. That European version of Jesus, is referred to in the bible as a graven image. How can we ignore the fact that the bible took place on the continent of what is now called Africa, without referring to the original people of the continent? Man kind has tried to shroud our views about religion every since the first books were published but I am confident that as the world goes on, more and more the truth shall come to the light. God bless us all and I think the only reason we as Nubians are so caught up on the race issue is because of the prejudice doctrines we have recieved all of our lives…but the Bible is the truth!

  17. There is something that is baffling me. People are saying that Esau represents the white man. Genetically, both Esau and Jacob were descendants of Shem. Japheth is more of a representation of the white race. Is the white race “semetic”? Esau might have been a black baby with a deep red tone and lanugo.

  18. Bible says Esau had great affinity for red not white. History always cannot keep exact references. Beliefs according to the region changes the main idea or concept to the great extent. Such purported ideas later emerged as mythologies and all mythologies throughout the globe had affinity for three or four forces, the sun, the moon, the dragon or snake and the nature. They believed there should be something over the sky and under the ground.

    Leaving that apart after Noah’s flood there came three sons. Bible seems to confine them within the Hebrew decendents forgetting the other parts of the world. The color of the persons mainly depend on the region they live. People on the equator have more melonins in their skin and they appear black as they move nearer to the poles they become fairer. But if you trace the meaning of the Names of the three sons something seems sensible. the Name Japheth means ” who will multiply” Shem means ” to be of fame” and Ham means “darker” and then the God says unto to Noah and his sons ” be fruitful go and fill the earth. so only from these three should the earth have all the creeds and clans. Even in the present world population you can have three distinct features of man kind. The African features, they Mongol features – chinese japanese and far east asian., red indian and south american features, and finally the euro asian faces. But we tend to claim our supremacy and try to lay our hands on whatever resemblances we can infer from the history. I believe after reading so many blogs History is not accurate in elucidating anything but I find only claims by people not only on territorial rights but also in owning the GOD and gods.

  19. We have nothing to claim about God or His created world because we live at the most for 85 plus years. We get our references from the remote past only through the records. Honest and truthful records stood the test of time and we can infer the details from them. It is better if we appreciate the claim of God for us because we all need to be in His Eternity. It is all going to be color no black and white

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