America the beloved is almost lost…. by Mena7

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The USA is becoming a feudal country or a Latin American country with a small super wealthy class, a small middle class and a large poor class.

40% of the American people make less then $20,000 a year.

50 million USA people are poor.

The Forbes 400 richest American have a net worth of $1.7 trillion.

10% of the rich in the USA take 80% of the USA wealth every year.

The reason for the inequality in the USA is the rich class and corporations control of the political system. American business and corporations were advised by Wall Street banks to send USA jobs oversea. 42 million good paying USA jobs were sent to China, India and other places.

Offshoring of good paying job create poverty. Corporations double and quadruple their profits by sending good paying job in low wage countries. Offshoring of jobs transformed rich businessmen, corporate shareholders and CEOs into super rich people.

The solution to the underclass working poor is for the USA government to subsidize the salary of the working poor. If a worker make less then $25,000 a year the USA government should send him a monthly check to boost her low salary to $25,000. There was a time the Saudi and Kuwaiti government use to send money to their citizen to support their lifestyle just because they were Arab citizen of the country.

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