Afro Iranis: Original Moors of Iran

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3 thoughts on “Afro Iranis: Original Moors of Iran”

  1. I’ve read that most white Iranians don’t know there are black Iranians while some white Mexicans are surprised that there are black Mexicans.This is a bizarre planet.

  2. 1 ) Iranians flee to Balkans 2) Berbers invade Iran (no historian will agree). The Persian Moor isn’t part of the Middle Eastern Islamic convert.

    2) 3rd – 5th CE Iranians in Balkans “speakers”

    3) Assyrians Rule Manasseh (assimilate) not Persian Koreans!
    Persian Arabs of the Middle East, Cordoba, Cadiz were all Muslims. Iranians in the Balkans assimilated into the Ottomans, which all Bulgar, Turk, Iranians are Europoids – (which is to say, Eurasians).

    Finally, Italians have Arab and/or Romanian ethnicity, but no Moor, Persian, or Indian is reported.

    Lastly, the French are Normans but not Berbers, not Algerians, nor Jewish, and rarely noted for their Basque lineage. While the Canary Islanders are slaves to the Spanish and Muslims… least we say non Muslim Berbers again.

    So the Paseigos from Pas Valley are neither/or Pure Goths, Moorish Jews, or Aboriginal Catalans, but not Latin.

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