Caucasoid Features – By Tukuler

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Why are certain features Caucasoid? – By Tukuler

Because the inventors of the anthropological term say so.

That’s it, pure and simple.

The Anglo division of Indo-European speakers who
so love the words Caucasian and caucasoid neither
speak the languages, originate in, nor look like the
peoples of the Caucasus Mountains who are not Indo
Europeans nor hardly much related to Indo Europeans
in any way.

It’s a game whereby NW Europeans who are latecomers
to history amass, to their low self-esteem, credit for
peoples, cultures, and civilizations having nothing
in the least to do with them.

It completely pervades their society norms since
beginning in the late 18th century anthropology
continuing to today’s population genetics and fed
to the public in popular media from magazines like
National Geographic to movies with biblical and
Arab/Levantine/Mesopotamian themes to cable shows
like Rome & Spartacus where the actors portraying
ancient north Mediterraneans are not Italian, Greek,
or Spaniard, nor speak with those accents nor convey
those peoples’ mannerisms.

The object of the game is to imbed the mind that
all peoples and everything from the first Homo
sapiens to future societies are all NW European.

Why they do this seems to be purely hatred of other peoples.

I mean, with all the wonders of this current world
civilization coming mostly from accomplishments of NW
European countries until say 1960 why need they accrue
accomplishments of peoples and civilizations preceding

Something is terribly wrong in their psyche but it
can be and is now undergoing healing. We must and
shall continue issuing them proper doses of the meds
needed to cure their mental abberations.

Truth is the key. True information is for everyone,
including “Caucasiods” and Ethiopoids alike.

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One thought on “Caucasoid Features – By Tukuler”

  1. True.It’s always an amusing thrill when one contemplates what the “miraculous Greeks” of yore (pupils, plagiarizers, imposters & plunderers of Black Kmt) thought of those north of them: Barbarians!

    Speaking of anthropology and it’s historical arbitrariness, it is time for Afrikans to thouroughly review the received wisdom theirin. Bantu/Nilote/Khoisan/Cushitic etc-Me have a hunch that this categories have served their part in the confusion of the Black race and our undying need for unity: a typical Afrikan has bloodlines across these colonial-instigated classifications. It’s time for anthropology in Afrika to be truly African-centered.

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