The star of Wisconsin and the smoke of Icelandic Hell: Revelations Chapter 9 Revealing? – By Oguejiofo Annu

As if by some co-ordination of fate, a star (metorite) entered the city of Wisconsin in United States on the night of April 14 2010, almost around the same period that the volcano in Iceland began to erupt machine-killing smokes filled with sulphur and brimestone over the skies of western Europe (about April 14, 2010). read more

Kenyan Paedophilia Charges Against the Roman Catholic Church aka “Paedophiles r Us”

Abuse charge against Catholic priest roils Kenya: By TOM ODULA

After three young men and a boy told police last June an Italian priest had been sexually molesting them for years at a shelter for poor children, the most senior Roman Catholic cleric in Kenya announced the church would investigate thoroughly. read more