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Working Girl - A film About Prostitution and Poverty

Dire circumstances drive a brilliant school girl into the seedy world of prostitution. "Working Girl" explores the social issues of poverty, prostitution, maternal sacrifice and the duplicity of people at higher levels of society. It's a riveting, emotional drama, interspersed with moments of comic relief.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalk

Inspired by the late James Brown, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson does his famous moonwalk.

Uganda Davis Dances to Michael Jackson

A young Ugandan Davis is a big fan of Michael Jackson. Davis dances to his music. The video was produced by Invisible Children charity based.

Clips from Sabar Film

Directed by Chike Nwoffiah, Sabar is a film about an African-American girl who discovers herself through the Senegalese dance. After resisting the calls, she ultimately answers to find a new person.

"Set against the backdrop of the African dance movement in the United States, Sabar is a dramatic feature film about the triumph of the human spirit in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Sabar examines how we constantly negotiate and choreograph our way through the bigger dance called LIFE." --chikecn

Short Film - A Baltimore Love Thing

This is a short film directed by up and coming director, Ayoola Daramola. This short film is not above love, but do watch.

Joseph Kabasele Tshamala's Independence Cha Cha

"The mother of all independence songs, this moving piece by the great Joseph Kabasele Tshamala (Grand Kalle) - the father of Congolese music and his band African Jazz, was the anthem of the independence movement which began the process by which the Belgian Congo was to become an independent Congo. The accompanying slide also pays tribute to Patrice Lumumba - the political father of the Congo, and one of the greatest African statesmen ever." -- Foreignmovies.

Women in Contrast: Hollywood Versus African Cinema

A film project by Lindsey Wagner and Strope for Imaging Africa at Cleveland State University. A wonderfully produced video on the role of women in Hollywood and African cinema. The video depicts numerous roles and compares it to how women in African cinema are depicted.