Hip Hop & Culture

Tupac Shakur

The music videos and lyrics for Keep Ya Head Up, Changes, and Life Goes On from the late recording artist, activist, and poet, Tupac Shakur.

Mims - Move If You Wanna

The music video for Move If You Wanna from the recording artist, Mims. The album was released from Capitol.

Naishon Jones Poplocking

A preview of Naishon Jones audition on America's Got Talent, and his poplocking performances.

Nigga Raw featuring Klint Da Drunk - Obodo (Country)

A social commentary on the state of affairs by one of the hottest African rappers, Nigga Raw. The track is a mix of pidgin and Igbo languages. The song was released in 2006.

Alicia Keys Raps "Gun-sta" Rap Put in Perspective

Sooner than one realized it, this shadowy elite group that also controls the music and entertainment industry began discouraging positive musical messages, and went off the beaten track to encourage and glamourize slackness, prostitution, murders, stealing and theiving, drug peddling and the like. There has never been a stronger case made for self-hate, cultural destruction and decadence as has been made in the last 10 years thorugh the instrumentality of the sub-genre of rap music known as “gangsta rap”. Gangsta Rap was promoted to sub-urban pale skin children as a sort of fantasy excursion trip to the ghetto drug-land warfares. It was promoted to sugar brown children as the only way out of a criminally imposed state sponsored poverty…in other words, either do the drug peddling, do the thieving, do the shooting and become famous like 2live crew, 50cents, and Snoop Dog.

Alicia Keys Calls Uncle Sam Murderers

She said that the rappers' slayings were fuelled by "the government and the media, to stop another great black leader from existing". The 27-year-old singer also claimed that the gangsta rap movement never existed, but was created "as a ploy to encourage black people to kill each other".